Instagram Adds New ‘Emails from Instagram’ Security Confirmation Listing

Instagram Adds New ‘Emails from Instagram’ Security Confirmation Listing


Instagram has added a new, anti-phishing element, with a listing of any and all official emails which Instagram has sent to you now available in-app.

Instagram email confirmation listing

As explained by Instagram:

Today, we’re launching a new feature to help people identify phishing emails claiming to be from Instagram. This account security feature (accessed through Settings) allows anyone to check if an email claiming to be from Instagram is genuine.”

As you can see, the new listing includes two elements – ‘Security’ emails, and ‘Other’, for official communications sent to you. Now, if you get an email prompting you to take action in relation to your Instagram account, and it seems a little fishy, you can check this listing to confirm whether or not it is, indeed, a legit notification from Instagram.

The feature replicates the same functionality on Facebook, which was first launched back in 2017

Facebook emails sent listing

It’s a simple and effective way to thwart phishing scams, providing an extra level of clarification for users who have suspicions about emails they’ve been sent.

The biggest thing then is awareness and ensuring that people know that they can cross-check against this list. If you know anyone who’s been sent questionable emails in the past, it may be worth making them aware of this new update. 




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