New Study Looks at Eroding Consumer Trust in Information Shared Online [Infographic]

New Study Looks at Eroding Consumer Trust in Information Shared Online [Infographic]


Who do you trust in regards to online news sharing?

That’s become a key question – in the past, consumers have been able to trust that official news sources and platforms will provide them with accurate, relevant coverage. But in the age of social media – where anyone, anywhere can share anything and have it reach, potentially, millions – it’s become more difficult to ascertain who’s telling the truth. Or, at the least, it’s provided more capacity for left-of-center sources to raise questions about mainstream coverage, and have it appear more credible through amplification.

And with the 2020 US Presidential Election looming, trust is once again about to become a hotly debated topic, with political groups, analysts and outside campaigners all working to represent their version of events.

So which outlets do you trust? That’s the subject of this new study conducted by WhoIsHostingThis.

The team recently surveyed 981 people in the US to get their views on which news providers they trust, along with their thoughts on emerging technologies, like deepfakes, and their potential impact.

You can check out the full report here, or an infographic overview of the key results below.  

Infographic looks at trust in news sources




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