Bing launches content submission pilot

Bing launches content submission pilot


Bing has launched a new content submission pilot that enables publishers to not just submit URLs to the search engine but also submit its full content and images. This allows Bing to see your content without actually crawling the content first.

Pilot. This is a limited pilot, which means Bing is testing this with a limited number of web sites. There is no way to apply for this pilot, it seems Bing has reached out to specific publishers.

What’s new. Didn’t Bing let publishers submit content over a year ago? Yes, but Bing only let you submit URLs to be indexed. Bing still had to go crawl those pages for fully indexing to fully understand the page.

What is new here is that you can not just submit the new URL, but also all of the content, images and HTML directly to Bing. This means you are pushing all the content to Bing without it having to crawl the URL to get the content.

Learn more. I asked Bing for more details but they told me this is not public yet. There is no public documentation as of yet and no way to be part of this pilot.

Why we care. This is another fundamental change to how search engines get new content in its search index. Instead of crawling to get the content and HTML, you are pushing content and HTML to the search engine directly.

We will be watching this closely as we learn more.

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