Instagram is Looking to Bring Direct Messaging to its Web App

Instagram is Looking to Bring Direct Messaging to its Web App


This will be welcome news to many Instagram marketers. According to a new finding by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, Instagram is looking to bring its Direct messaging functions to its web interface.

That would make Instagram’s messaging tools more widely accessible, with specific benefits for those in regions where mobile connectivity is not always present, or possible, due to data limits and the like. And given the popularity of direct messaging on Instagram – as demonstrated by the recent launch of its new ‘Threads’ messaging app  – it makes sense for the platform to look for more ways to facilitate direct interaction.

It would also, as noted, make it easier for those looking to use Instagram Direct for customer service queries to integrate them into their broader social workflow.

But then again, it might still be a way off yet.

Back in February, Wong uncovered an earlier variation of Direct in Instagram’s web app, which she was able to share screenshots of in action.

Instagram Direct on web app

This new variation appears to be further along, with Wong able to recreate the Direct messaging functionality in more detail. But given that it’s been in development for at least the last six months, it could still be a little while off. Or it could be released tomorrow. Instagram chief Adam Mosseri did start following Wong on Twitter shortly after her initial tweet of the feature, so that could mean something. Or maybe not.

Either way, it does appear that, at some stage, Instagram will be making its Direct messaging functionality available on the web. Something to factor into your strategic planning.   




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