Quora Adds New Ad Targeting Options, Provides Campaign Checklist to Help Maximize Performance

Quora Adds New Ad Targeting Options, Provides Campaign Checklist to Help Maximize Performance


When you’re considering your digital marketing options for 2020, Quora probably isn’t going to be at the top of your list. But it may well be worth a look – the app sees more than 300 million monthly unique visitors, and those people are researching specific questions, which often relate to companies, products, and solutions that your business could provide.

And this week, Quora has outlined a range of new ad targeting options to help better target your on-platform campaigns, while it’s also published a new checklist of the key elements you need to keep in mind to help maximize your Quora ads performance.

First off, on the new additions – Quora has recently added keyword history, gender and browser-specific targeting, providing more ways to reach your target audience.

Keyword history targeting expands Quora’s existing keyword and question retargeting options by giving marketers the ability to focus on users who’ve previously read sets of questions that are relevant to their business offerings.

As explained by Quora:

“For example, Keyword History Targeting works by taking a keyword like “Financial Planning” and finding matches with questions that contain the word or phrase, like “How do I start my financial planning?” Advertisers will be able to target ads towards users who visited groups of question pages in a given time period (ex. the last 20 days). Ads are shown on users’ feeds, topic feeds, and question pages.”

The option could provide another way to reach users who’ve expressed an interest in your niche. Gender targeting, meanwhile, will give advertisers the ability to focus their ads and ad copy more specifically.

You can apply gender targeting to any ad set, regardless of the primary targeting option, so it’s possible, for example, to create two topic – targeted ad sets, one with male-specific calls to action, and the other with female-specific calls to action. Similarly, if the audience for your product or service is only one gender, you can always exclude the other gender on all your ad sets.”

Gender targeting has long been an option on most platforms, so really, it’s more a surprise that Quora didn’t have this available previously. That said, Facebook removed gender targeting from housing, employment, credit ads earlier this year due to concerns about discriminatory ads, and Quora has also excluded those same categories from gender-specific targeting for US-based advertisers. 

And lastly, Quora has added platform and browser targeting options to further target your campaigns.

Advertisers can choose to target desktop and mobile devices simultaneously or individually. With mobile targeting, you can choose to target iOS devices, Android devices, or all mobile devices. Campaigns optimizing towards App Installs will automatically have their device settings changed to mobile only.”  

In addition to these targeting updates, Quora has provided the below checklist, which outlines everything you need to know to ensure your Quora ad campaigns are on the right track.

As noted, it may not be the primary ad platform of choice, but given its audience reach, and evolving options, it may be worth giving Quora ads some extra consideration in your planning. 

Quora ads checklist

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