Metrilo Review: WooCommerce CRM, Analytics, and Email Marketing in One

Metrilo Review: WooCommerce CRM, Analytics, and Email Marketing in One


If you want to optimize your WooCommerce store, it’s important to understand your customers and how they experience your store.

Metorik Woocommerce ReportsMetrilo, the tool that I’ll be reviewing today, helps you do just that by providing detailed eCommerce analytics, an eCommerce CRM that helps you connect with and segment your customers, and powerful email marketing automation.

In this Metrilo review, I’ll share more about how Metrilo helps you grow your eCommerce store and then take you hands-on and show you exactly how Metrilo works with WooCommerce.

Metrilo Review: The Feature List

Metrilo is more than just a WooCommerce analytics tool – it’s analytics, a CRM, and email marketing all rolled up into one unified dashboard.

On the analytics front, you can gain detailed insights into your store, like your conversion rates by channel, top-performing products, and a lot more. You can even set up cohort analysis to track how effectively certain coupons or marketing campaigns are at turning visitors into repeat customers.

Speaking of customers, Metrilo gives you a detailed eCommerce CRM, complete with tagging and lots of segmentation options. You can organize your users based on their behaviors and filter out specific segments of your users, which becomes useful when combined with the next feature.

Metrilo can also help you send manual or automatic email marketing campaigns. When combined with the CRM, you can get into some really powerful email marketing automation. For example, you can automatically send upsell or related product emails to customers after a purchase. Or, you can send retargeting emails or abandoned cart emails to encourage customers to finish their purchases.

Most importantly, all of these features are rolled up into one easy-to-use cloud dashboard that syncs with your WooCommerce store via a dedicated integration plugin.

Ready to check it out? Let’s go hands-on…

Hands-On With Metrilo

Metrilo is not specific to WordPress and WooCommerce – you can also use it with Shopify and Magento. However, it does provide a dedicated WordPress plugin to help you get all set up with WooCommerce.

Basic Setup

To get started, you head to the Metrilo website and sign up (you get a 14-day free trial – no credit card required).

Once you enter some basic details, you can choose your platform (WooCommerce in this case):

Metrilo platformsMetrilo setupwhich is listed at, and enter the API keys in the plugin’s settings.

You can also configure some other basic settings, like whether or not to:

  • Exclude certain user roles from tracking to avoid muddying up your data (like admins and store managers)
  • Exclude certain tracking events, like viewing products, viewing carts, removing products from carts, etc.
  • Send a user’s WordPress role as a Metrilo tag
  • Automatically add a specific tag to every customer in Metrilo
  • Prefix order IDs with a specific prefix, which is helpful if you’re connecting multiple stores to a single Metrilo account

Metrilo settingsMetrilo also includes a tool to sync those, which you can access by going to Tools → Export to Metrilo:

Sync existing ordersMetrilo dashboard gives you a snapshot of everything that’s happening at your store:

Metrilo dashboardWooCommerce CRMCustomer informationEmail builder toolsMetrilo pricingGet Metrilo

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