WPML Introduces New String Translation Which Reduces Load Page Times By 50%

WPML Introduces New String Translation Which Reduces Load Page Times By 50%


The most popular multilingual plugin on WordPress is WPML. More than 700,000 websites use WPML to translate their content. You can use WPML to translate everything including text, strings, SEO, images and much more.

String Translation which reduces your load page times by more than 50%. It means that using WPML to make your website multilingual will have no effect on its performance.

WPML String TranslationAdvanced Translation Editor which offers machine translation to provide instant results.

How WPML improved its String Translation

WPML string translation exampleHotel Don Niño uses String Translation to make its website completely multilingual.

The new WPML brings two major changes to the way String Translation works.

1. It only includes the strings you want to translate.

WPML no longer includes all texts from any plugins and themes you install by default, meaning your pages are not bloated and will load quickly.

Most sites, themes, and plugins come with their own .mo files which already provide high-quality translations. Therefore, there is no need for WPML to filter and make all the strings translatable. You can still override the translations of texts from plugins if needed.

2. It uses .mo files to apply translations

WPML will also now no longer call the database to translate strings which will further increase the load time speed. WPML instead compiles .mo files for your translations which WordPress loads which is much faster.

The results of the new WPML String Translation

The new String Translation from WPML was tested on more than 350 clients’ sites which relied heavily on the feature.

On all of the sites, the server load due to String Translation dropped to next to zero. This means WPML has next to no impact on their loading times. On average the websites loaded at around half the time it took before.

Get WPML today and try out the new String Translation!

You can try WPML out for yourself and see how smoothly the new String Translation works on your website.

WPML is so confident that your website will still perform strongly after installation that it is offering a 12-months performance guarantee.

Any client who has a performance problem with WPML should get in touch. If its support team cannot resolve the problem WPML will refund the order within the first year of purchase.

Buy WPML today and enjoy an optimized multilingual website that your customers around the world will love.

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