Twitter Launches New App for Mac, Using Catalina OS

Twitter Launches New App for Mac, Using Catalina OS


This will be welcome news to Mac fans.

Twitter has this week announced that its latest version of the Twitter app for Mac, built on macOS Catalina, is now available in the app store.

Twitter first previewed its revamped Mac app back in June, which, as noted, has been enabled with improved tools and options based on Catalina. Twitter pulled support for its previous Mac app in February last year, leaving many users out in the cold.

But now it’s back, and among the new additions, Twitter has included:

  • Multi-Task with Multiple Windows – No need to pause anything while you browse and Tweet. Look at multiple memes and photos alike all at once, and compose Tweets in as many windows as you need.
  • More of Your Favorite Features – From Dark Mode to multi-account, you’ll get all of your favorite features from Twitter for iOS in Twitter for Mac.
  • Drag and Drop It – Want to quickly include a funny photo or a link to a story you can’t stop reading in your Tweet? Now, you can drag and drop 4k images (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, HEIC and WebP), text and links directly into your Tweet composer.

Of course, because it’s been built on the latest Catalina OS, users also need to be running Catalina to access it, but if you’re keen to add Twitter back into your Mac experience, there is now an option – though it is also worth noting that Catalina has had some early teething problems which you may prefer to avoid.




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