27 FOMO Marketing Tips You Don’t Want to Miss Out On [Infographic]

27 FOMO Marketing Tips You Don’t Want to Miss Out On [Infographic]


Tapping into consumers’ fear of missing out – or ‘FOMO’ – can be a powerful way to drive purchase intent. But it’s not necessarily easy to produce.

FOMO has become a much more accepted term in recent times, particularly in relation to social networks. The capacity to share anything and everything from your life has embued an even stronger sense of FOMO, with people constantly presenting perfect images of their experiences, their holidays, their purchases, etc. That, in turn, increases the desire for people to keep a finger on the pulse, and with your phone handy at all times, you can do so. 

Which also makes tapping into this trend an even more alluring prospect for brands.

So how can you inspire FOMO with your products and campaigns? This infographic from the team at Fundera looks at a range of ways in which you can inspire FOMO, and boost your marketing efforts. 

Infographic lists a range of FOMO marketing techniques




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