Reddit Launches New Content Sharing Integration with Snapchat

Reddit Launches New Content Sharing Integration with Snapchat


While Reddit is not as widely used as Facebook or Instagram, a lot of Reddit content gets re-shared to these and other social platforms via meme pages and the like, and often without credit to the original source. This is a pet peeve of Reddit users. Reddit is great at uncovering key trends and memes, and because the platform isn’t as widely used, people can essentially steal Reddit content and re-post it without fear of being found out for such. 

But now, on at least one front, Reddit’s looking to do something about it.

This week, Reddit has launched a new content integration with Snapchat, the first of its kind for the platform.

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As explained by Reddit:

“Starting Monday, October 14th, redditors who have the Snapchat app installed will be able to share their favorite Reddit posts with friends in a Snap. To share Reddit content in Snapchat, redditors simply tap the “share” icon on an image, text or link-based post on Reddit’s iOS app and select the Snapchat option. Then, choose a few friends to send the post to, or add it to your Story so all your friends can see it.”

When users share Reddit posts in this way, a new sticker, which includes the Reddit logo and source info, will be generated, which links back to the Reddit post.

“If the Reddit mobile app is installed, the viewer can simply swipe up on the Snap to visit the origin post in the Reddit mobile app. If the viewer does not have the Reddit app installed, they will be taken to the App Store to download Reddit on iOS upon swiping up on the Snap.”

It’s the first time Reddit has developed a native social share option in partnership with another app, and the platform will be hoping to both increase traction with Snap’s younger user base, while also providing another way for Redditors to promote their content, and drive more discussion.

But there are some limitations on the function. While Snapchat users will be able to post Reddit links, they’ll only be able to do so from “Safe for Work communities and communities in good standing”. So no sharing those questionable, adult content links via your Snaps.

Initially, the option will also only be available via iOS, though Android support, Reddit says, is coming soon. 

It seems like a good way to help spread the word about Reddit content, an given the youthful allure of Snap, it could also help to fuel more viral movements based on Reddit posts. 

That’s also another element to keep in mind for marketers. With 330 million monthly active users, and advancing ad options – and now also, new ways to cross-promote Reddit content on another trending platform – it could be something to consider in your 2020 planning.

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