Dropshipping Marketing: How to Promote Your WordPress Dropshipping Store?

Dropshipping Marketing: How to Promote Your WordPress Dropshipping Store?


So, you decided to start a dropshipping business. You went ahead and learned about it and finally build a WordPress dropshipping website for your business and launched it. That is great! But, getting started is the easy part. The real job is marketing the dropshipping business, which is something that most dropshipping business owners struggle with. In this tutorial, we will look at different ways that can help you market dropshipping business easily.

dropshipping marketingstudy, it was found that blogs are considered the 5th most powerful and reliable source of information on the internet preceded by News websites, Facebook, retail websites, and Youtube.

Since you are running a WordPress website, setting up a blog page is really easy. You can start writing and publishing blog posts in no time. If you are using the AliDropShip plugin to run your WordPress dropshipping business, you can easily setup up your blog page with the built-in blogging platform to attract traffic and viewers to your website.

wordpress blog pagepromote wordpress dropshipping storepromote wordpress dropshipping storetools available online that specializes in email marketing. These tools offer many features and functionalities that you can use to speed up your email marketing campaigns a lot. You can learn more about the tools and email marketing regarding all the technical aspects here. On top of the technical skills, you need to learn about how you can make the best out of email marketing, and that is something that you can learn before you send out your first email.

Email Marketing Tips

If you are through with how you can send emails to your readers in terms of the technical aspects, we can take a look at what makes an email marketing campaign conversion oriented. Here are some tips that can improve your email marketing efforts.

Firstly, go to your email account and take a look at the promotional emails in your account. I am sure there will be enough to get you started regarding how a promotional email looks. Try to see why you opened that email. What is the thing that made you read that email till the end? Was the email designed beautifully, or was it just simple text? What is the email trying to tell you, and what is its selling point? This will help you in creating your emails as well.

promote wordpress dropshipping storeAccording to stats, 63% of the customers will more likely purchase if it has product reviews and ratings available.

Tips for Adding Customer Reviews on Your Dropshipping Store

When it comes to a new store, it is a good possibility that you do not have enough reviews or ratings. So for this, you can take snapshots of reviews on vendor stores and add snapshots on your website. This will help in boosting conversion for your product. If you are using AliDropShip to drop ship from AliExpress, you can use the import feature to import the customer’s reviews on your store easily with a single click.

If you are getting orders but not enough reviews, chances are the users are not getting the motivation to add a review on your website, you can automate an email for the users who have bought the product from the store, to send out emails after let’s say, 10 days, to ask them to add their reviews and thoughts on the product. You can even add a coupon for their next purchase for every review they add.

If you are getting big orders or even orders from big brands who re happy with the purchase, you can add a testimonials section on your website. Ask the customer to give a one-line or two-line review of the product they bought from your store.

Since you are a dropshipping business, try to keep the focus of testimonials on the service you are giving. Ask the customers to give a review of the buying experience and the service of the store. Apart from pricing, the service is something that will set you apart from the other stores. The product might be the same, but the service is what will matter here for any potential customer. Good word going around from your customers will help in boosting conversions.

Starting a Community or Group in Your Niche

Now another thing you must do to create a good user base is creating a community around your brand.

You can create a forum on your website and can help your users in connecting. This will help in your brand building as well.

Furthermore, identify your niche and start looking for already existing communities and groups on various platforms like Facebook, forum websites, and similar places. Once you join these communities, do not start engaging with the just to boost your sales. Instead, try to be a part of the community by helping out other community members wherever possible. Once you become a reliable voice in the niche community, you can start making recommendations for your products in your store. When doing it, try not to push too much as it might reflect badly on your reputation and will eventually tarnish your brand image. community for WordPress dropshipping store facebook advertising is not that difficult, and with the updated interface of Facebook’s campaign manager, you can easily set up Facebook ads.

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