How Parents Can Address Cyberbullying on Social Media [Infographic]

How Parents Can Address Cyberbullying on Social Media [Infographic]


October is National Bullying Prevention month, and with cyberbullying becoming a core concern in this ongoing battle, it’s important that parents maintain awareness of how their kids are connecting, and what they can do to protect them, particularly on social platforms. 

The social apps themselves are now taking more action to address cyberbullying concerns. In the last few years, Twitter has ramped up its efforts to address its concerns with trolls and abuse, while Instagram, which has become a key platform for younger users, just recently removed total like counts on posts as part of its broader effort to reduce social pressure on its audience.

Given the potential impacts on the mental health of younger people, it’s a crucial area, which is why the team from HelpYourTeenNow have put together this infographic of key stats, insights and resources to help parents understand what their kids are facing, and how they can help.

Advances are being made on this front, but it’s not a problem that can ever be solved, as such. Which is why awareness is key.

You can access more resources as noted in the infographic.

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