Facebook Launches New ‘Disruptor Hub’ to Outline How Businesses are Seeing Major Growth Online

Facebook Launches New ‘Disruptor Hub’ to Outline How Businesses are Seeing Major Growth Online


Facebook has launched a new resource hub for marketers which looks at the key factors driving online business growth, how innovative, disruptive brands are tapping into these trends, and how Facebook’s various advertising and promotion options can help to fuel such.

Called ‘Build to Break‘, the new hub includes a range of in-depth guides and explainers, including Facebook’s 72-page ‘State of Disruption’ report, a 50-page ‘Build to Break’ playbook, which outlines key considerations for modern marketers to consider, and additional case studies and resources to help inform your future digital marketing strategy.

First off, on the ‘State of Disruption’ report – Facebook’s main focus of the new platform is its guide to modern marketing trends, and how successful brands are effectively tapping into each.

The guide is separated into six key elements:

  • The consumer landscape
  • Mission-driven marketing
  • Building a brand community
  • Machine learning
  • Measurement
  • Creative strategy

Each element includes a break down of essential considerations and insights, along with examples of brands that are leading the charge on each front.

Facebook Built to Break

There’s a heap to take in, with a range of stats that can help to guide your marketing approach, including insights on consumer behavior shifts, and how to maximize your marketing.

Facebook Build to Break

Facebook also highlights its ‘Power 5‘, a set of automated ad tactics which, Facebook says, “top direct-response advertisers are now leveraging to unlock new phases for growth”.

Facebook Power 5

Of course, all of these are elements of Facebook’s ever-advancing ad options, but it is a Facebook report, you would expect it to highlight its own tools, as opposed to generalized approaches.

And yes, as noted in the above image, there is a dedicated ‘Power 5’ hub where you can access more info.

The ‘Build to Break Playbook’ meanwhile takes a more in-depth look at modern advertising and marketing approaches, and includes links to case studies of brands who are seeing success.

Facebook Build to Break

There’s a heap of info to take in here – and while not all of it will apply to your business, there are a lot of considerations and notes that can help you map out a better Facebook ads strategy, and an online marketing strategy overall, based on consumer trends and shifts.

If you’re planning your 2020 approach, it may well be worth heading over to the new ‘Build to Break’ hub and checking out the various pointers and case studies, which could help you discover new ideas and inspiration to improve your strategy. With a huge range of case studies in various sectors, you can choose the business that’s closest to your own, and see how they’ve utilized the various tools and tactics noted to fuel their success. 

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