Facebook Tests ‘Suggested Time’ Feature for Scheduled Posts

Facebook Tests ‘Suggested Time’ Feature for Scheduled Posts


This is interesting – Facebook is reportedly testing a new ‘Suggested’ option within its post scheduling options for Pages which would enable Page admins to reach their audiences when they’re most active on the platform.

Facebook post scheduling suggestions

As you can see in this image, posted by Facebook Page admin @GIFChaseH (and shared by social media expert Matt Navarra), the new scheduling screen includes a ‘Suggested’ option which provides a recommendation of when you should post to maximize engagement.

The explanation below the marker reads:

“Schedule your post based on when your fans were most active last week”

Similar functionality is available in various social media management tools, but this variation, using Facebook’s own, internal data, and via Facebook’s own native posting tools, could be worth checking out, and may help generate better results based on engagement.

Facebook’s Page scheduling options can, at times, be problematic, with Facebook switching the schedule option away from the main post UI and limiting auto-generated previews when using the scheduled list. But, in general, Facebook has made native posting and scheduling for Pages the best option, with clear indicators of what your post will look like and additional targeting options to zero-in on your audience.

The capacity to also use more specific targeting tools could also help – and again, because these insights are linked directly to Facebook’s internal data, it could prove more reliable, and a better indicator of when to post. 

That doesn’t necessarily mean it would be better than the options available in third-party tools, but it would add another element to Facebook’s native posting options, which could help drive results.

The functionality is in testing – we have no word on a full rollout as yet.




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