How to Raise Money for Charitable Causes Using Facebook Stories

How to Raise Money for Charitable Causes Using Facebook Stories


Are you using Facebook Stories?

Now at more than 500 million daily active users across both Facebook and Messenger, The Social Network’s ephemeral, Snapchat-style Stories are rising in popularity, with Facebook repeatedly noting that Stories will soon overtake the News Feed as the primary social sharing option (if they haven’t already), and become the key way that users interact on its platforms.

Given this, Facebook is working to align with usage trends, and provide even more ways that people can use Stories within their broader social media activities. Enter – the Fundraiser sticker. 

Due to the success of the Instagram Stories donation sticker, Facebook has recently rolled out a similar option which enables users to raise money for causes via their Facebook Stories. Though there is one key difference – the Facebook fundraiser sticker doesn’t link to a specific organization, as the Instagram Donation sticker does, but instead, the Facebook option links to a fundraising campaign page on Facebook.

As such, in order to take full advantage of this new option, nonprofits need to get their communities to create fundraisers on their behalf. You also need to make sure that your nonprofit is eligible and officially registered with Facebook Payments

With those elements out of the way, here’s an overview of how you can use the new Facebook fundraising sticker for Stories.

1. In the Facebook app, click on ‘Add to Story’ at the top of your News Feed.

2. Take a photo or video, or upload one from your phone, then click on the stickers icon which will take to the stickers menu:

3. Click on the ‘Fundraiser’ sticker

4. Enter the name of the fundraiser you want to raise money for. If you don’t have a specific Fundraiser in mind, you can search by organization or person. I didn’t enter in any text in this example, I just hit the search button to see what would happen. What came up were the most recent or active Facebook fundraisers created by my Facebook friends.

5. Select the desired fundraiser. The sticker will then be added to your Story, and you can start raising money.

6. As a final touch, you can add additional stickers and embellishments. You then tap ‘Share to Story’ and that’s it. Easy peasy.

Facebook’s fundraising stickers for Stories are a simple and effective way to get your Facebook community raising money for your nonprofit in just a few steps. Definitely worthy of consideration for non-profits looking to ways to expand their campaigns.




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