Google Launches ‘Adaptive Anchor Banner’ Ads to Better Cater to Varying Screens

Google Launches ‘Adaptive Anchor Banner’ Ads to Better Cater to Varying Screens


Google is launching a new banner ad type which is able to adapt to varying screen size, helping to maximize performance in line with evolving consumption behaviors.

Google Adaptive Banner Ads

The new, ‘Adaptive Anchor’ banner ad can be seen in the last frame above, in comparison to the standard banner (on the left) and the smart banner (middle).

As explained by Google:

Unlike other banner APIs on the market, adaptive anchor banners consider the device in use, the ad width you’re comfortable using, and the aspect ratios and performance of all available demand.  Adaptive anchor banners return creatives with the best height and aspect ratio for each device, with hard limits to prevent the wrong sizes from being served.”

The new option, Google says, will mean that your banner ads look better, while also alleviating the need for custom coding to handle different devices.

The option is currently in beta, and is only available for anchored placements (banners locked to the top or bottom of the screen), with Google still working on full implementation. But it may provide another consideration for your Google ad placement options, more aligned with varying device usage.

You can read more about Google’s Adaptive Anchor Banner ads here.




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