How to Fix WordPress Emails Not Sending Issue With SMTP

How to Fix WordPress Emails Not Sending Issue With SMTP


Having a problem with WordPress emails not sending? Because of the default way in which WordPress is configured to send email, it’s common to have problems with emails not sending and/or emails getting sent straight to spam folders.

Toolset CouponSiteGround, WPLift’s recommend WordPress host, SiteGround offers free SMTP access included with your hosting. On the other hand, many managed WordPress hosts don’t include SMTP. For example, neither Kinsta nor Flywheel offer their own SMTP servers.

Either way, I’m going to recommend a specific solution here – SendGrid.

SendGrid is a service that’s 100% dedicated to sending emails.

If you want to fix the WordPress emails not sending issue, going with a service that’s entirely focused on email deliverability is a good choice. Makes sense, right?

More importantly, though, SendGrid is 100% free for sending up to 100 emails per day.

Most WordPress sites will be well under that limit, which means that SendGrid is a 100% free solution to fixing the WordPress not sending email problem.

SendGrid also lets you connect via API, rather than manually entering SMTP server details.

To get started, visit SendGrid and sign up for a free account.

Visit SendGrid

SendGrid SMTP pluginMailgun is another good option with higher free sending limits, but I prefer the SendGrid interface and find its setup process easier.

2. Generate a SendGrid API Key

To connect SendGrid to your WordPress website, you need to generate a SendGrid API Key.

To do this, go to Settings → API Keys in the SendGrid sidebar. Then, click Create API Key:

SendGrid API keyCreate an API key to fix WordPress emails not sendingSendGrid API keySendGrid has a dedicated plugin, so that’s what we’ll use.

If you prefer to use a different service, I think the Post SMTP plugin is the best free platform-agnostic WordPress SMTP plugin. It’s a reincarnation of the previously-popular Postman SMTP plugin.

Once you install and activate the official SendGrid plugin, go to Settings → SendGrid in your WordPress dashboard.

In the SendGrid Credentials section:

  • Paste your API key into the API Key box
  • Make sure the Send Mail with drop-down is set to API (the default)

Add API key to Sendgrid pluginEnter basic email detailsSend test email for WordPress not sending issueWordPress emails now sending

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