LinkedIn Publishes New LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Partners Guide

LinkedIn Publishes New LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Partners Guide


LinkedIn has published a new guide to its various marketing partners, which details how each can help to maximize your on-platform promotion efforts.

As explained by LinkedIn:

Today, 1 in 5 marketers on LinkedIn is leveraging a LinkedIn partner to meet their objectives. And all of our top 50 advertisers use one or more partners to drive value for their business […] Inside this guide, you’ll uncover information on the capabilities associated with each, while we also outline the distinct value for both brand marketers and agencies.”

The guide – which you can download here – provides an overview of all aspects of LinkedIn’s partner program, beginning with its selection process and how it decides who to partner with:

LinkedIn Partner Guide

LinkedIn’s Partner program covers six key elements – there are four technology partner categories:

  • Community Management
  • Ad Technology
  • Audience Management
  • Analytics and Measurement

And two content sections:

  • Original Thought Leadership
  • Turnkey Content

The guide covers each aspect, outlining the approved partners brands can work with for each, and detailing what, specifically, the partners can assist with:

LinkedIn Partners Guide

It’s an interesting overview of the various assistance elements available to help maximize your LinkedIn efforts – if you’re looking to make LinkedIn more of a focus in 2020, it’s definitely worth a look.

And with the platform now at 645 million members, and seeing record levels of engagement, it may be worthy of additional consideration. 

You can download the guide at this link, or you can read more about LinkedIn’s partner program here.




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