LinkedIn Publishes New Research on the Impacts of 5G [Infographic]

LinkedIn Publishes New Research on the Impacts of 5G [Infographic]


As technology evolves, new opportunities emerge, facilitating improved means of business connection, among various other key benefits.

And while VR and AI are set to change the way we interact with devices, and each other, in order for that to happen, we need an improved network infrastructure that’s able to handle more advanced data requirements. Which is where 5G comes in.

So how will 5G connectivity change things? That’s what LinkedIn sought to find out in its latest research report, in which it interviewed several leading IT professionals to get their thoughts on the next generation of connection. 

LinkedIn has collected these insights into the below infographic, which looks at the potential impacts of 5G on a range of sectors.  

LinkedIn 5G impacts report




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