Build a website from scratch with this quality training

Build a website from scratch with this quality training


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Building a website for yourself or your company can often feel like a daunting task. However it might not be as difficult as you think. Create beautiful, functioning websites today with these comprehensive web design training bundles, now with an additional 40% off during the month of October. Simply enter code 40LEARN40 on any of the following courses to get the extra discount. 

Devslopes Coding Academy: Lifetime Membership

With over 300 hours of programming courses and essentials, this training will help you create the website you’ve always wanted. Finesse your coding expertise and master the most relevant, desirable skills, from iOS and Android development to back-end development to game creation and achieve your goals with the help of expert instructors at Devslopes. Now just $29.

The Complete Web & Mobile Developer Bundle Ft. Rob Percival

If you’re hoping to leverage your web and mobile app development skills in the ever-changing design world, you’ll want to start by learning the core fundamentals. Rob Percival, the best-selling co-creator of CodeStars, brings you six unique courses that will guide you into the development industry and all that is required to thrive in the process. Now just $35.

The Complete Python Certification Bootcamp Bundle

Learn the leading general-purpose language that is Python with this 85-hour bundle. The 12-course bundle is filled with tutorials and will teach you how to build programs, analyze data, master the major plotting libraries, and so much more. Now just $34.99. 

The Complete Full Stack Web Development Master Class Bundle

With over 250 lessons covering today’s hottest web frameworks and technologies, this bundle brings you an endless amount of materials to learn the complexities of web development comprehensively. Seven in-depth courses will teach you applications such as Angular, Spring, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more and help you become the rarest type of coder out there. Now just $19.

The Complete Microsoft & Oracle SQL Certification Bundle

If you’re looking to take a deep look at Microsoft and Oracle database concepts and tools, this bundle is for you. The 11-course certification will guide you through 1,400 lessons that will help master the fundamentals and fast track your way into the data-driven career you’ve been dreaming of achieving. Now just $39.

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