Google Tests Q&A Videos in Search Results for Universities via @MattGSouthern

Google Tests Q&A Videos in Search Results for Universities via @MattGSouthern


Google has been spotted testing Q&A videos in the knowledge graph cards for universities.

The videos feature university faculty answering common questions about their school. They’re quite similar to the celebrity Q&A videos Google introduced last year.

Lily Ray recently shared an example on Twitter for the query “UC Davis”:

Google’s rolling out a cool new Knowledge Graph feature for universities, in which they allow their faculty to answer a unique set of “top questions” that searchers are asking about the university.

h/t my teammate @JDubsSEO

— Lily Ray (@lilyraynyc) October 29, 2019

I get the same results shown above for the same query, but cannot replicate similar results for other universities. Mind you, I have not searched for every University, but I think it’s safe to say this feature has only rolled out on a limited basis.

Google has been enhancing knowledge graph cards for universities dating back to June of last year, and further expanded those features this past summer.

This marks the first time I’ve heard of Google adding Q&A videos to search results for Universities. Google has not officially released any details about University Q&A videos, so it’s likely this is a limited test with select Universities that Google is working with directly.

Perhaps we’ll learn more about this feature in the future, and maybe it will even end up rolling out to a school near you.

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