Social Media Across Generations [Infographic]

Social Media Across Generations [Infographic]


While social media has become a key part of our broader interactive process, it’s important for social media marketers to note the audience-specific trends, in order to ensure they’re using the right platforms to reach their target audience.

And while, as you might expect, younger generations are more active on social, it’s also important to note what they use social platforms for, and how those behaviors are evolving over time.

This report from GlobalWebIndex covers a heap of these key insights and trends. Taking a look at each generations’ social media usage, the report looks at overall usage time, usage time by region, specific app engagement and how people are now using social media apps in their product discovery process.

And while the specific trends you need to know will relate to your unique audience, it’s worth noting the broader shifts, which you can also factor into your approach.

You can check out GlobalWebIndex’s full report here, or take a look at the infographic listing below. 

Social media usage trends




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