Twitter Publishes New Stats on Game of Thrones Discussion [Infographic]

Twitter Publishes New Stats on Game of Thrones Discussion [Infographic]


It’s a little late, but Twitter has this week published a new set of insights into the discussion around TV show ‘Game of Thrones’, and how fans engaged with the final season of the program on its platform.

Then again, Game of Thrones has been in the news again this week, with the creators discussing their process, and new prequel announcements. So maybe, it’s just the right time for Twitter to be showing off its Game of Thrones analysis – but either way, the idea is to showcase what Twitter partner Brandwatch is able to provide via its in-depth tweet analysis.

There are some interesting notes, too – discussion peaked the day after each episode aired, Arya Stark was by far the most discussed character by tweet, and episodes 3 and 6 sparked the most response.

Overlay the same analytics capacity onto your tweet campaigns and you can see how this more advanced digging can glean significant results for your process.

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