Facebook Announces New Updates to Help Brands Connect with Customers via Messenger

Facebook Announces New Updates to Help Brands Connect with Customers via Messenger


Facebook has this week released the latest version of its Messenger Graph API, which includes three new features designed to help brands establish better connection with consumers via message.

First off, for app developers, Facebook is looking to simplify the process of connecting the right app to your Messenger ad campaigns.

“We’re making it easier for brands that have multiple apps connected to the Messenger platform to easily select the app that they want to use for their click to Messenger ads. The first phase of this solution is now available for businesses and we plan to announce additional improvements in the coming weeks.”

The option will provide more capacity for developers to utilize its ‘Click to Messenger’ ad option, which could help them better promote their various apps.

Facebook’s also adding a new ‘icebreakers’ option for brand profiles, which will enable businesses to provide a listing of common questions that users can ask them via message in order to initiate the conversation.  

Facebook 'icebreakers''

That could make it easier to provide quick responses, which, paired with automated replies, may help save time and effort for both brands and customers.

Lastly, Facebook’s also adding user Reactions to business interactions, while it’ll also now be able to show which specific message each user is responding to above each reply within the stream, saving you from having to scroll through the previous conversation.

Facebook Messenger context

The changes are not major, but they add to the capacity for brands to utilize messaging in their customer connection efforts. And if you’re already using messaging for customer interactions, you’ve likely come across at least some of the pain points Facebook’s seeking to address here. 

As noted, the changes are part of Facebook’s Graph API v5.0 release, which you can read more about here. 




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