Pinterest Officially Announces New Pin Format Release

Pinterest Officially Announces New Pin Format Release


After it was spotted by several users over the last few weeks, Pinterest has now officially confirmed the roll out of its updated Pin format, which includes some minor functional tweaks, and separates each Pin element for more specific focus.

Pinterest update

As explained by Pinterest:

“Our updated look for iOS and Android makes Pinterest even more visual, with personalized recommendations front and center in your home feed and reduced space around Pins to celebrate the content.”

The update doesn’t add anything new as such, but it does shift a few things around, with a focus on streamlining user behavior.

As you can see in the example above, the update will increase the size of the main Pin image, and give it increased focus, with minimal borders. That’s more specifically aligned with vertical, mobile viewing, and in some ways, mimics the presentation of Stories on other platforms. 

The other key elements which have been updated are:  

  • Search is now in the main navigation bar, where you can access personalized and trending searches with the swipe of your thumb
  • The following tab can now be found at the top of the home feed, where you can find new ideas from the people you follow, in chronological order
  • Ideas for your most recently engaged boards appear at the top of home feed so you can jump into recommended Pins for the projects and ideas that are top of mind, and save with one tap
  • An updated Profile and board view make it easier for you to find the Pins you’ve saved

Pinterest update

Each section will now also be more clearly separated, with rounded edges defining each part. That also works to better highlight what you can do with each Pin, what you can learn about each, and then, what other Pins the platform thinks you might be interested in.

The change aligns with Pinterest’s updated business profile format, which it announced in September – the new business profile layout will enable brands to use custom images, or even video, in their header section, and will include a new ‘Shop’ tab.

Pinterest business profile update

The updated Pin format was first spotted in testing by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, who tweeted about it back in April.

It’s taken a few months for Pinterest to make it official, but now, the platform says that the new format is in the process of being rolled out to all users.

It’ll take some time for the full implementation, so if you’re not seeing the latest Pin format in your app just yet, you will shortly.




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