Google News app lets users access content in two languages

Google News app lets users access content in two languages


Personalization preferences are maintained across both languages.

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The Google News app now lets users see content in two languages, Google announced on Monday.

Why we should care

Some publishers may experience increased traffic from users who speak and read in multiple languages. Those users will now be able to find and consume news in two languages in their Google News app. This is particularly relevant for publishers in multilingual regions, such as Canada, India and Switzerland.

How to set up multiple language preferences within the Google News app. Source: Google.

More on the announcement

  • This feature is available across 141 countries and 41 languages on the Android and iOS versions of the Google News app. It is not available on the Google News web app.
  • Users can have a total of two language and region pairs.
  • The user’s personalization preferences are maintained across all language choices.

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