OrganizeWP Review: A Better Dashboard for Your WordPress Content

OrganizeWP Review: A Better Dashboard for Your WordPress Content


A few months ago, I introduced my girlfriend to WordPress to help her create a portfolio website.

Toolset CouponOrganizeWP aims to simplify how the WordPress dashboard handles content by creating a single unified area for all your content – posts, pages, custom post types, etc.

It’s got a really unique approach that I think a lot of people will prefer (maybe including your clients, if you build WordPress sites for a living).

Keep reading my hands-on OrganizeWP review and I’ll take you through all the features and show you how everything works.

OrganizeWP Review: The Feature List

Basically, OrganizeWP takes all the different content types in WordPress and groups them together into a single unified interface.

So where before you had different sections for posts, pages, and any custom post types that you were using, now you get a single interface for all your content. You can also split out certain content – like landing pages – to make it more accessible.

It might be easier to understand with some screenshots, so let’s look at a before and after.

Here’s a before site – you can see how there are different sections for posts, pages, and several custom post types (Services, FAQ, Locations, and Team):

Before using OrganizeWPOrganizeWP review exampleOrganizeWP review examplewith Elementor. Or you could create a “Sales” group to manage all of the dedicated sales pages for your WooCommerce store:

OrganizeWP drag-and-dropOrganizeWP create post typeVisit OrganizeWP

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