Google’s BERT Update, Facebook News, Twitter Political Advertising & More [PODCAST]

Google’s BERT Update, Facebook News, Twitter Political Advertising & More [PODCAST]


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Greg Finn and Christine “Shep” Zirnheld are delivering the biggest news in digital marketing on the latest episode of Marketing O’Clock, part of the SEJ Podcast Network.

Mr. Zuckerberg and Mr. Dorsey have starkly different stances on political advertising. But @bafeldman has us thinking more about what might be influencing Facebook’s view on the matter.

Are they a toll booth? Or worse?

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— Marketing O’Clock (@MarketingOClock) November 1, 2019

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about Facebook’s new ad format and Google Merchant Center updates. Plus, Greg has a “” about Google’s custom shortcut domains.

And, of course, we’ll cover the main news stories of the week:

Google announces BERT model

We promise you won’t hear any Ernie jokes from us! Greg shares what all the fuss is about BERT and breaks down what this new update will mean for rankings.

Introducing Facebook News

Shep tells you the key features of the News tab and Greg has thoughts about the photo Facebook chose for the announcement.

Twitter will no longer allow political ads

Shep explains CEO Jack Dorsey’s stance on the topic which is starkly different than that of another social media giant.

Google says goodbye to Flash

Greg gives a eulogy for the software which will no longer be indexed for Google Search.

Plus, we share John Henshaw’s fiery take on the news:

Flash has always sucked

– Sucked for SEO

– Sucked because the UX for sites was all over the place

– Sucked because of slow loading sites

– Sucked for vulnerabilities

– Sucked because that’s all designers wanted to use

Not goodbye, but good riddance

— Jon Henshaw (@henshaw) October 28, 2019

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