Twitter Provides Listing of Key Thanksgiving Hashtags for Marketers to Consider

Twitter Provides Listing of Key Thanksgiving Hashtags for Marketers to Consider


With the holiday season inching ever closer, you need to get your marketing approach into order, and ensure that your campaigns are set for maximum exposure.

Do you have your strategy locked in, aligning with each of the key dates?

To help, this week Twitter has published a new listing of eight key hashtags to use for Thanksgiving, along with a couple of key notes on how and why you should.

As per Twitter:

“Internal research shows that Tweets with hashtags gain 100% more engagement than those without — but caps at one to two hashtags per Tweet.”

So hashtags will help with your tweet reach – but don’t go for more than a couple.

Based on Twitter’s internal data, here are the eight key hashtags you should consider for your tie-ins:

#Thanksgiving – Okay, fairly obvious, but also a key one to consider in your campaigns. As Twitter notes:  “You can pair this hashtag with anything that’s seasonally appropriate, from announcing Thanksgiving discounts to giving thanks for their loyalty throughout the year”.

#HappyThanksgiving – Again, obvious, but these will be the key tags that people use, and search, around the event. If you’re looking to tap into that trending discussion, you’ll need to include the relevant tags.

#TravelTip​ – This is an interesting one – and should only, of course, be used for relevant tweets. As Twitter notes, Thanksgiving is one of the biggest travel days of the year, “so travel-related tips become particularly relevant”. Maybe your product has a travel angle, a way it can be used in transit, a function that can be tied back to mobility.

#ThanksgivingEve​ – This may be a less obvious one, which could also make it a good option for your campaigns. If you can tie your promotions into helping people prepare for the event, there may be a lot of related discussion, which could help you generate more exposure.

#Thankful – Twitter notes that this related tag can be used to thank your customers for their business throughout the year, while also encouraging interaction with your account. “Asking your followers what they’re most thankful for is a great way to generate replies and Retweets”.

#TurkeyDay​ – Brands taking a more light-hearted approach can use this humorous tag to tie into the event – though it may also be worth checking the related stream to ensure this is a tag you want your brand associated with.

#FoodComa​ – Another humorous tag, which could provide inspiration for a more comedic angle to your tie-ins. Can your products or services offer assistance to those suffering the after-effects of Thanksgiving dinner? 

#Family – Not sure about using this one in brand promotions, but Twitter says that it can “humanize your brand and deepen emotional connection”. This feels like a risky strategy, which could backfire on your business, but it’s another popular tag to consider in your approach.

As you can see, there’s a range of ways that you could consider tapping into these Thanksgiving tags, which could help inspire your approach to the holiday. And done right, that could generate you a lot of exposure. It can be difficult to generate significant traction on major events, with so many others trying the same, but taking a unique angle, and using relevant tags could help boost your related promotions.  

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