Facebook Launches Military and Veterans Hub to Improve Digital Skills for Those Who Serve

Facebook Launches Military and Veterans Hub to Improve Digital Skills for Those Who Serve


Facebook has launched a new resource hub to help military members and veterans in improving digital literacy, and expanding their opportunities.

Facebook Military and Veterans Hub

Called the ‘Military and Veterans Hub‘, the new mini-site will help those who serve to find job opportunities, enhance their digital skills, and provide online safety tips to improve their digital understanding. 

Facebook Military and Veteran Hub

The mini-site aims to further Facebook’s connection with the military community – according to Facebookmore than 900,000 people in the US participate in more than 2,000 groups for military members, veterans and their spouses on Facebook. 

Facebook military group stats

The new hub will aim to cater to this audience, helping the platform play a larger role in connecting and assisting these communities.

Additionally, Facebook is partnering with business mentor network SCORE to provide new education and mentorship opportunities for military members and their families. Facebook’s also looking to help military veterans expand their career opportunities, and translate their skills, with a new a 12-month career development pilot program focused on AR/VR for veterans with backgrounds in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science. Facebook also offers a Military Skills Translator tool, designed to help people find Facebook careers relevant to their military experience. 

The announcement coincides with Veteran’s Day, and as noted, seeks to solidify the role that Facebook plays in connecting these groups. And given their prevalence on the platform – and the critical role they play in society more broadly – it’s a good move for Facebook to offer more assistance and additional resources on this front.

The Military and Veterans Hub is now live, and available here




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