Holiday Shopping Habits: Millennials Vs Gen Z [Infographic]

Holiday Shopping Habits: Millennials Vs Gen Z [Infographic]


Looking to maximize your brand’s appeal with younger shoppers this holiday season?

If you want to connect with the next generation of consumers, then you need to understand their discovery and buying habits, and what appeals to them the most. That’s why the team from Perksy have put together this listing of insights an tips on what Millennial and Gen Z shoppers look for, and how brands can tap into these trends to expand the appeal of their offerings this year.

The graphic below covers shopping behaviors, platforms of influence and popular gift types, providing you with a solid overview of what appeals to these buyers.

And while it doesn’t provide all the answers, it may help you formulate a more effective approach for your campaigns.

Infographic looks at shopping behaviors among Millennial and Gen Z consumers

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