Reddit for Social Media Marketing [Infographic]

Reddit for Social Media Marketing [Infographic]


Have you considered the potential of Reddit for your social media promotions and outreach?

It may not be the first platform that springs to mind, but with more than 330 Million monthly active users, across some 130,000 very active, engaged communities, there may be more to Reddit than you’d think. And given that the focus of each Reddit community (subreddit) is very niche, there are likely some highly informed, passionate discussions around issues relating to your industry, which, at the least, could be worth checking in on.

Reddit has also been improving its ad options this year. The platform has added new video ad tools, CPC ads, and additional objective optimization processes among others. Reddit has also been working to clean up its platform with a view to improving its advertiser viability. 

All in all, it may well be worth another look for your 2020 campaigns. For more context and assistance, the team from Zoho Social have put together this overview of Reddit advertising tips and insights

Infographic lists Reddit tips and insights




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