Google Adds Local Ad Options Ahead of the Holidays, Including Google Maps Listings

Google Adds Local Ad Options Ahead of the Holidays, Including Google Maps Listings


Google is rolling out three new local ad tools to help businesses reach consumers within their vicinity.

First off, Google is adding a new way to showcase your store locations in Google Maps with business icons and markers highlighted when people conduct a local search.

As explained by Google:

“In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to feature your locations as users get directions to a destination. In just a few taps, they can add you as a convenient stop along their route to grab lunch, stop in for shopping, and more.”

Google Maps ads

Google says that people tap on location pins in Google Maps “hundreds of millions of times per week”, which should make this a prime opportunity to connect with people as they explore your local area.

In addition to this, Google is also adding new catalog-like listings to Display Network ads.

Google Display Network ads

The option expands your opportunity to connect with audiences through Google’s Display Network, showcasing more of your products with a mini-website like feed, in-stream.

And lastly, Google’s adding more options to list your local store pick-up options within Local Inventory Ads. Local Inventory Ads highlight your product and store information to nearby shoppers via search – you can read more about the option here.

Google Local Inventory Ad

As you can see here, brands will now be able to list the following on their Local Inventory Ads:

  • Pick up today – Show which products are available for immediate store pickup, with the option of paying online first.
  • Pick up later – Promote products that may not be available in store now, but can be quickly shipped to a nearby store within a few days. 

The latter option is currently in beta, so not broadly available as yet. 

The options expand on your capacity to reach consumers within your vicinity, a key draw for people looking for those last-minute gifts. In fact, Google says that 45% of global shoppers have used “buy online, pick up in store” options already, making these additions even more valuable in helping to drive action. 

You can read more about Google’s coming local ad options here.




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