Pinterest Releases Gender Transition Guide to Help Other Organizations Facilitate Change

Pinterest Releases Gender Transition Guide to Help Other Organizations Facilitate Change


Pinterest has this week published its internal guidelines for assisting employees who are going through a gender transition, an increasingly common, and important consideration in the modern workplace.

Pinterest gender transition guidelines

The document covers Pinterest’s process for assisting its own staff, and Pinterest is publishing the guide “to help other workplaces looking to support their trans employees”.

As explained by Pinterest:

Making Pinterest’s employee culture safe and supportive for people who are transitioning is an important part of living our values. We are deeply committed to creating and sustaining a work environment where everyone – regardless of sex, gender or gender identity – feels valued.”

The guide covers all the practical elements of assisting transitioning employees, including the official process Pinterest follows, an overview of the various manager and employee considerations and conversations that may need to be undertaken, and an example communications plan to assist.

Pinterest gender transition guide

There’s also an overview of gender transition basics, and a listing of tips and best practices.

Pinterest gender transition guide

“This guide to gender transition provides a clear, consistent and compassionate framework to facilitate gender transition for Pinterest employees. Each person’s journey is unique, so we encourage employees, managers and our People Team to customize the framework on a case-by-case basis, always making sure that respect and consideration for the person who is transitioning comes first.”

As noted, this is an increasingly common and important area for businesses to consider, and its good to see Pinterest looking to take the lead and produce documentation around its own processes. 

You can download the full Pinterest Guide to Gender Transition here.




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