Tips for Responding to Negative Reviews [Infographic]

Tips for Responding to Negative Reviews [Infographic]


An inescapable reality of digital connectivity for brands is that negative reviews are going to happen. 

No business is 100% perfect, and not every customer interaction is going to go just as you’d expect, and with the capacity to post their displeasure in a public forum, people will, at some stage, choose to do so. 

But it’s how you choose to respond to such that will dictate its true impact. If you choose to fight fire with fire, you could end up in an unending comment war, potentially damaging your broader reputation, but if you take a moment to consider the situation, and its impacts, you may come up with a more constructive, helpful and ultimately beneficial solution that will help improve your overall standing. 

These tips might help – the team from HouseCall Pro have put together this overview of how to best deal with customer complaints. You can translate these same principles into social posts, messages or comments – check out the full infographic below. 

Infographic outlines how to deal with customer complaints




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