Build The Perfect Custom WordPress Website with Toolset Blocks

Build The Perfect Custom WordPress Website with Toolset Blocks


One of the problems with designing the custom WordPress website you had in mind is that it can take too long or be too difficult if you are not an experienced coder. But thanks to the WordPress Block Editor known as Gutenberg and Toolset Blocks that is all about to change.

Toolset CouponWordPress Block Editor. Combining Toolset Blocks with Gutenberg means that even non-coders can easily design the website they want in the back-end without even using HTML or CSS.

Gutenberg has become a great way to build Custom WordPress websites

Toolset’s creation of Toolset Blocks means you no longer need to rely on an external page builder to create your websites. Instead, you can use WordPress’ own page builder, Gutenberg, and combine it with integrated plugins such as Toolset Blocks.

custom wordpress websitesexcellent block plugins.

Toolset to commit to integrating with the main WordPress editor as it continued to improve. It meant Toolset would function completely with the main page builder on WordPress and could spend more time improving the product rather than adapting to the needs of multiple third parties.

Toolset will be able to maintain complete compatibility with each page builder.

How Toolset Blocks makes it easier to build custom WordPress websites

Toolset Blocks enhances Gutenberg by giving you the ability to create custom, professional websites by using the simple interface that Gutenberg offers. Below are a few other advantages that Toolset Blocks will bring to your website:

  • Your website building workflow is much simpler. Previously, a designer might have had to create your website on a separate platform before assigning a developer to implement it on WordPress. But now the designer can add their designs straight to WordPress without spending the extra money on a developer or having to delay the project.
  • Use dynamic content. With Toolset Blocks, you can take your simple website to the next level by replacing static with dynamic content. With dynamic content, you can create one template with your blocks knowing that WordPress will pull the right content from the database depending on the post type the user clicks on.
  • No coding required. That’s right you can now build a completely custom website without even using CSS or HTML thanks to Gutenberg and Toolset Blocks.
  • Easy interface to build websites. Say goodbye to constantly switching between the front and back-end when you are building websites. With Toolset Blocks and Gutenberg, you can now build everything on the back-end and instantly see how it will look once you click publish.
  • No need to read pages of documentation. Given how simple it is to design and build websites using Toolset Blocks and Gutenberg you can spend less time reading the documentation. In fact, it is fairly easy to experiment with blocks on your own and see how it works.
  • Fewer plugins installed on your website. Since you can create complex websites using just Gutenberg and Toolset Blocks there is less of a need to install multiple plugins on your website. Therefore, your website will be less bloated and it will be much easier to manage.

Examples of what you can create with Toolset Blocks

With Toolset Blocks, you can add a number of important, advanced features to your website that will take it from basic to professional. Below we have a few examples and how you can create them.

  1. Templates to display custom posts

You can create templates for each custom post type to ensure all of the posts have the same design. For example, if you have a “Gyms” custom post type you can create a template so that each individual gym post has the same design.

  1. Head to Toolset->Dashboard and click the Create Content Template section to create a template for your post type.

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