Snapchat Adds Extended Mid-Roll Video Ad Option

Snapchat Adds Extended Mid-Roll Video Ad Option


Snapchat is giving advertisers more room to tell their stories in mid-roll video ads by expanding the time limit for its video ads to three minutes. 

According to AdWeek, Snapchat users will still be able to skip the mid-roll video ads after six seconds, but advertisers will be able to use the option for longer video messaging, in order to keep those viewers who are interested engaged.

Snap says that the option will provide more capacity for advertisers to utilize their existing video assets, rather than having to cut them down to six seconds, which may provide more opportunity for cross-promotion and engagement. 

As AdWeek notes, the option is similar to YouTube’s TrueView video ads, though TrueView ads tend to be pre-roll, while Snapchat’s variation will appear mid-stream.

Given the rising popularity of Snapchat’s ‘Snap Originals’ content, it makes sense for the platform to explore more video ad options, and tap into that audience interest.

Last month, Snap reported that total daily time spent watching its Discover content has increased 40% year-over-year, with more than of its 100 Discover channels now reaching, on average, audiences in the double-digit millions per month.

Capitalizing on that increased interest will be a key focus for Snap in 2020, and you can expect the platform to launch new original programming and additional ad formats in line with usage trends.

The new, longer ads are currently only available in closed beta – if you’re in the beta program, you’ll have access in Snap Ads Manager. If not, you’ll need to request access via your Snapchat sales representative.




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