Preview your recipe results on Google Home Hub devices

Preview your recipe results on Google Home Hub devices


Google has updated the rich results testing tool to enable recipe publishers to preview how thei recipe results look on smart displays using Google Assistant.

The announcement. “If your recipe mark up is eligible for guidance with Google Assistant, you can now use the Rich Results Test to preview your results on Google Home and smart displays,” Google announced.

How it works. Go to the rich results testing tool, plug in a URL that has recipe markup, then click on the “assistant” tab on the left side, and on the bottom, you can select “preview in Google Home Hub.”

What the preview looks like. Here is a screenshot of one example I tested:

Why we care. As more users go to their Google Assistant devices, including smart displays like the Google Home Hub, it is important to understand how your recipe markup will translate into what searchers will see on these displays. This preview feature gives you just that so you can make adjustments in a more proactive manner to your rich results for recipes.

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