Twitter Adds New ‘Conversation Insights’ to Media Studio

Twitter Adds New ‘Conversation Insights’ to Media Studio


Twitter has added a new ‘Conversation Insights‘ element to its Media Studio tool, which provides more specific data on your tweet mentions, who’s mentioning you, and filters to provide additional information on the types of accounts engaging with your profile.

Twitter Conversation Insights

As you can see in this screenshot (posted by social media expert Matt Navarra), the main chart shows the amount of tweet mentions you’re seeing, which you can view over a chosen time period. This can help you better manage and maintain your tweet strategy – though, as we know, it’s not just the mentions themselves that are relevant, but the specific people who are engaging with your profile and amplifying your messaging.

Click on any day and you can see a more specific breakdown of your top tweets, and who was engaging with them.

Twitter Conversation Insights

You can filter the tweet timelines by follower and engagement thresholds, language, Tweet format, and verification status, helping you locate more influential and region-specific mentions.

Much of the same functionality is available via third-party tools, or even within Twitter’s own TweetDeck, but Twitter says that Conversation Insights will capture more relevant mentions “thanks to our content listening tools that go beyond mentions and hashtags”.

Twitter’s also planning to add in the capacity to engage with Tweets, share them, or even reply directly from the Conversation Insights page sometime in future.

It’s not revolutionary, but more insight is always better, and providing an additional option to gather more tweet data is always welcome. And based on Twitter’s advanced search tools, you might just find mentions you couldn’t otherwise. Either way, it’s worth checking out the insights provided. 

Media Studio users with more than 1,000 followers will be able to access Conversation Insights via a new page under the “Insights” tab. 




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