SmartFrame Review: Secure and Enhance Your WordPress Images

SmartFrame Review: Secure and Enhance Your WordPress Images


If you share any type of original images on your WordPress site (photos, graphic design, etc.), you’ve probably had to deal with image thieves. Whether it’s done with malicious intent or not, many people have no qualms about taking the images from someone else’s site and using those images on their own site. In this SmartFrame review, we’re going to be looking at a WordPress plugin that can help you secure and optimize the images that you use on your site.

WPCompress Proadd watermarks, disable right-click, etc.
  • Lets you control how your images appear on different sites, like Google image search or social media networks. For example, you can add a watermark but only when your images get shared on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Optimizes your images for performance with dynamic compression and a built-in CDN.
  • Adds neat front-end features like a fullscreen lightbox, the ability for users to zoom into the image, interactive captions, and more.
  • Gives you access to powerful features, like the ability to add CTA buttons, email opt-ins, etc.
  • In our hands-on SmartFrame review, I’ll share more about how those features work and then take you hands-on with the free SmartFrame plugin that’s available at

    SmartFrame Review: The Feature List

    SmartFrame does a lot of different things…

    Let’s start with the security features. SmartFrame can…

    • Disable right-click on images.
    • Hide the image URL in your source code so that people/bots can’t just bypass the right-click blocking by looking at your source code.
    • Optionally add a watermark overlay grid to prevent people from screenshotting your images.

    The way that SmartFrame handles images will also automatically stop image hotlinking, as well.

    SmartFrame also adds new front-end features for users. You can…

    • Add a full-screen lightbox
    • Let users zoom into specific parts of images just by clicking
    • Add social share buttons

    And if you register for a SmartFrame account (which is optional), you’ll get access to a bunch of new powerful features like…

    • Image engagement analytics
    • The ability to include CTAs or ads on your images. For example, a CTA to purchase an image, an email opt-in form, a banner ad, etc.
    • An option to control how images appear on different sites. For example, automatically adding a watermark in Google image search or when an image is shared on Facebook

    Overall, there’s a lot on offer, so let’s go hands-on…

    Before and After With SmartFrame

    Before I go hands-on with the SmartFrame interface, I want to show you how an image on WordPress works before and after SmartFrame so that you understand what it’s doing to protect your images.

    So – here is an image with the source code visible before I install the SmartFrame plugin:

    Before SmartFrameSmartFrame review after activiatinglisted at, so you can install it just like you would any other free plugin.

    Once you install and activate the plugin, you’ll need to agree to the terms of service. But as soon as you check a box, SmartFrame is automatically enabled on your site.

    The basic WordPress functionality is super easy to use – this is the only settings page:

    SmartFrame setup processextra featuresImage zoomSmartFrame review of dashboardSmartFrame pricingVisit SmartFrame Get SmartFrame Plugin

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