Top noise cancelling headphones are selling fast in hot Black Friday deals

Top noise cancelling headphones are selling fast in hot Black Friday deals


beats by dr. dre beats studio 3 wireless headphones

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There’s nothing worse than sharing a desk with a tea slurper. Or sitting next to someone on the train who won’t stop sniffing. But that’s where noise cancelling headphones come in. You can just pop them on and wave goodbye to unwelcome distractions.

Today is a better day than ever before to grab yourself a pair of noise cancelling headphones as there are some incredible deals coming out across both sides of the Atlantic as part of the early Black Friday deals. Best Buy is offering Beats by Dr. Dre – Beats Studio3 wireless headphones for just $199.99,, that’s a massive $150 off the normal price. 

In the UK, there’s also £50 off these amazing Bose noise cancelling headphones via Amazon, taking them down to £299. And it doesn’t end there, either, there’s £19 off Bose’s QuietComfort 35 Series II wireless headphones at Amazon, so they cost just £239.99

The Beats Studio3 headphones come in grey, crystal blue or desert sand (we prefer the grey, the other ones look like they might get dirty) and block all external noise. They’re totally wireless, have a huge 22-hours of battery life and include speakers and on-ear controls so you can take calls, switch tracks and even activate Siri just by touching them. All that, and they’re comfortable too. 

And as an added bonus to the already fantastic price, Best Buy is throwing in three months of free subscription to Apple Music (first time subscribers only). So you’ll have all you need to listen to your favourite tunes while you work.

Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones: $349.99 $150 at Best Buy

Save $150:
Get a huge saving from Best Buy on these Beats by Dr. Dre wireless headphones, and get three months of Apple Music thrown into the bargain. What are you waiting for?

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Bose noise cancelling headphones are another leading brand in the headphone business. The noise cancelling headphones 700 offer is a really good one, and this is the lowest price we’ve ever seen for these beauties, which offer fantastic sound quality – 11 levels of noise cancellation, and easy to use touch controls. There’s up to 20 hours of battery life too.

The QuietComfort 35 Series II aren’t quite as new, which is probably why they’re that bit cheaper. They’re still fantastically good quality, though. They’ve got three levels of noise cancellation, up to 20 hours of battery life and up to 40 hours of wired use. 

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700: £349.95 £299 at Amazon

Save £50.95:
Get over £50 off these noise cancelling headphones from Bose, which have Alexa/Google Assistant integration, easy touch controls and 11 levels of noise control.

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Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II Wireless Headphones: £259 £239.99 at Amazon

Save £19: Get 7 per cent off these high-rated noise cancelling headphones from Bose, which have Alexa/Google Assistant integration and three levels of noise cancelling control.

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