Snapchat Publishes New Guide for Auto Marketers on the Platform

Snapchat Publishes New Guide for Auto Marketers on the Platform


With some 80% of Millennials planning to purchase a vehicle within the next five years, auto marketers need to be looking at ways to reach these younger consumers, and connect with them at the right time to maximize brand affinity. And Snapchat might actually be the best platform for this exact purpose.

To help with this, Snapchat recently published a new ‘Auto Playbook’, which is full of stats and tips on how to utilize Snapchat’s various ad and outreach options to connect with potential auto shoppers through the app.

There’s a heap to take in – first off, Snapchat outlines some key stats around its audience, and the potential reach opportunities for auto brands.  

Snapchat audience stats

There are some pretty compelling data points here, including general consumption trends and Snap-specific behaviors of note.

Snapchat auto shopping trends

Extending from this, Snapchat then outlines how, specifically, brands can utilize its various ad options to reach interested consumers through the app.

Snapchat auto guide

Snapchat also includes creative tips, and a listing of general Snap ads best practices, which can be applied to any type of Snapchat ad campaign, not just automotive promotions.

Snapchat ad tips

Really, if you’re an auto marketer involved in social, you’re likely already aware of the potential of Snapchat, but there’s a heap pf great insights and tips here which will help to maximize your campaign efforts, and build better connection with this key audience.

Definitely worth a look.

You can download the full Snapchat ‘Get on The Road’ auto marketing guide here.




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