Shutterstock Publishes 2020 Color Trends Report [Infographic]

Shutterstock Publishes 2020 Color Trends Report [Infographic]


If anyone can provide insight into essential visual content trends, it’s Shutterstock.

One of the most utilized stock image libraries in the world, Shutterstock now hosts close to 300 million images, and 16 million video clips, which are used in a range of ways across the web by marketers, artists, advertisers and more. 

And based on these usage trends, Shutterstock is well-placed to know which image types and traits are most popular, and where things are headed in the visual space.

To provide some insight on this, Shutterstock recently published its Color Trends 2020 report, which looks at the key visual shifts taking effect across the web. And the biggest color trends Shutterstock has identified relate to these three shades – take a look at the graphic below for more info. 

Shutterstock color trends for 2020




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