Twitter Expands Access to Brand Survey Tools to Help Brands Understand Ad Effectiveness

Twitter Expands Access to Brand Survey Tools to Help Brands Understand Ad Effectiveness


Twitter’s looking to help brands better understand their tweet campaign performance by giving more advertisers access to its ad response survey tools, in order to glean more insight around their promotions.

Twitter ad survey example

As explained by Twitter:

To help marketers measure how their campaigns are driving brand lift, we are making Twitter Brand Surveys available for all managed accounts in the US, UK, Canada, Japan and Brazil. We developed Twitter Brand Surveys while keeping accessibility and actionability in mind – we wanted campaigns, small or large, to have access to survey studies and for brands to understand which specific Tweets drove the highest lift.

You’ve likely seen Twitter’s surveys come up every now and then, with prompts like the example above asking for your opinions on recently run campaigns. Twitter says that these surveys can provide “insights beyond topline results”, including detail into how specific elements of your campaign and creative are driving brand lift.

“We’ve developed a proprietary Creative Attribution model to identify the Promoted Tweet or In-Stream Video Ad responsible for high and low brand lift, which helps marketers hone their creative strategy for the future. Additionally, marketers can learn how the frequency of their ad exposure affects brand metrics or understand the lift in message association for their brand and its competitors (hint: if there’s a lift for your competitor, perhaps the creative and messaging is not differentiated enough).”

The tool will give more brands increased capacity to measure their ad performance, which can only be a good thing, but the value of such will be relative to the questions asked, the initial ad, the brand itself, etc. Twitter says that this can be hugely valuable in refining and improving your tweet campaigns, but it may take some time to get down to the most effective approach in using the tool.

The option is also not available to all advertisers. As noted, Twitter’s brand surveys will now be made available to managed accounts in the US, Canada, UK, Japan and Brazil. Those interested in running brand survey studies will need to contact their Twitter account rep to see if they qualify.

It doesn’t seem like a major data addition, but then again, more insight is always better, and as Twitter notes, it could prove to be a key element in understanding and improving campaign performance.




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