10 Ways Marketers Can Supercharge their LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms [Infographic]

10 Ways Marketers Can Supercharge their LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms [Infographic]


LinkedIn’s Lead Gen forms ad option, which it launched back in 2017, has proven to be a strong driver of audience response, particularly on mobile devices, where LinkedIn users are increasingly active

Indeed, according to LinkedIn, businesses using Lead Gen ads have been able to reduce their cost per lead by more than 20%. while Lead Gen forms also drive 5x higher conversion rates than referring people to landing pages. Given this, and LinkedIn’s rising levels of engagement, it could be a worthy option for your 2020 strategy. And now, LinkedIn’s outlined a new set of tips to help you get the most out of its Lead Gen offering.

Providing guidance on how to maximize your Lead Gen ad efforts, LinkedIn has published a new ‘Lead Gen Forms Playbook‘, which outlines key best practices and tips to get the most out of the option.

The guide also includes a 10-step checklist – LinkedIn has outlined a heap more information in the full guide, but we’ve broken out the checklist into the below infographic.

You can download the full ‘LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms Playbook’ here

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms Checklist




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