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Today, Rachel Andrew will talk about how to build a CSS layout. Follow along and learn how to use Grid and Flexbox, as well as why Rachel makes certain decisions as she builds out the layout.

We’re opening up our Smashing TV webinars to everyone, and today you can follow along as Rachel Andrew builds a layout using CSS Grid and Flexbox.

In the session, Rachel will be building a component of a layout, talking through her thinking as she does so. Is Flexbox or Grid the right method to use? How will the component respond to different screen sizes? And, what about those old browsers?

If you are a Smashing Member then you will get the added benefit of being able to ask your own questions after the session.

Live Stream With Rachel Andrew: Dec 10, 6:00 PM GMT

The session will start today at 6:00 PM Berlin time (12:00 PM New York time) — broadcasted live below. Make sure to come back to this post to find your way directly to the live session!

A picture of Rachel Andrew and text stating the topic and time of her live session. December 10, 17:00 London time, about Building A CSS Layout. In the bottom right corner is an illustration of the Smashing Cat holding a video camera and shining the spotlight on Rachel.
And so the countdown begins!

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