Google extends ‘Incognito Mode’ in Maps to iOS users

Google extends ‘Incognito Mode’ in Maps to iOS users


Bulk delete in Timeline is coming to Android next month.

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Incognito mode is now available on Google Maps for iOS users and bulk location history deletion in Timeline will roll out on Android next month, Google announced on Monday.

Source: Google.

Why we care

Providing users with more control over their privacy settings can instill confidence and promote trust, which can help Google retain users.

From a marketing perspective, these updates won’t have a material impact. Although some users may opt to purge location history from their Timelines or use Incognito Mode in Maps, those actions will not have a significant effect on Google’s location data collection or ad targeting capabilities.

More on the announcement

  • While using Incognito Mode in Maps, the locations a user searches for or navigates to are not saved to their Google account and personalized features, such as restaurant recommendations based on Maps history, do not appear.
  • With bulk delete, users can delete all or part of their Timeline by date range from their location history settings.
  • Location history can also be set to automatically delete activity after three months. Data older than 18 months is automatically deleted from a user’s account on an ongoing basis.
  • Incognito mode in Maps first rolled out to Android users in October.

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