Pinterest Trends gives marketers a view of the top U.S. searches on the platform

Pinterest Trends gives marketers a view of the top U.S. searches on the platform


Pinterest Trends, a new tool that will provide an overview of the top U.S. search terms over the past 12 months along with data on when those search terms peaked, has begun rolling out, the company announced on Tuesday.

Source: Pinterest.

Why we care

Google Trends has long been a resource marketers have relied on to gauge trends and seasonal interest in topics. Pinterest Trends will offer another set of keyword trend data, specifically around the categories it caters to such as food, home and fashion. More insight into search queries and trends can give brands a better understanding of the content and campaigns that may perform well on (and off) Pinterest.

Marketers can also use Pinterest Trends to verify assumptions regarding emerging trends and expand and refine keyword research and targeting with auto-complete suggestions. Tastemade and Albertsons are among the brands with early access. Pinterest said the two brands have created successful boards and campaigns on the platform based on the insights.

More on the news

  • Pinterest Trends is still in beta and will become available on desktop in the U.S. over the coming weeks.
  • The company also announced the Pinterest 100, its annual report on the top emerging trends for the coming year.
  • Google has also announced its own list of trending consumer searches. Dubbed the Google Shopping 100, the page lists specific products that are rising in popularity this holiday season.

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