TikTok Publishes Top 10 Content Lists for 2019

TikTok Publishes Top 10 Content Lists for 2019


Are you considering TikTok for your 2020 digital marketing campaigns?

If you are, then these listings are worth checking out – TikTok has this week published listings of the top content on its platform in 2019, covering ten different categories, and providing an interesting overview of what’s gaining the most traction in the app.

The listings, as noted, focus on specific elements – for example, the Top Ten Viral Videos on the app.

TikTok Top 10

TikTok also lists the top ten ‘Memes’, ‘Artists’, ‘Celebrities’, ‘Breakout Creators’ and ‘Dance Trends’.

Another interesting category is ‘Creative Effects’, which provides some good insight into how people are using the different tools on the app.

That could provide some extra inspiration for your brand usage, while the overall trends should give you some idea of what’s working on the platform, and what’s likely to resonate with TikTok users.

Really, if you’re serious about using TikTok for marketing, you need to be actively using it, at least to some degree, to get a better handle on what the TikTok audience expects. As such, these lists provide some great pointers, but it’s worth also investing the time to get to know the app, which will then help inform your approach. 

You can check out TikTok’s full ‘Top 100’ video listing here




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