LinkedIn Publishes 2020 Emerging Jobs Report

LinkedIn Publishes 2020 Emerging Jobs Report


LinkedIn has this week published its 2020 Emerging Jobs Report, which looks at the positions that are seeing increased demand based on LinkedIn data.

As explained by LinkedIn:

“The Emerging Jobs analysis is based on all LinkedIn members with a public profile that have held a full-time position within the U.S. during the past five years. Once the talent pool has been identified, we then calculate the share of hiring and Compound Annual Growth Rate for each occupation between 2015 and 2019 to identify the roles with the largest rate of hiring growth. These become our Emerging Jobs.”

In addition to the US report, LinkedIn has also published separate Emerging Jobs Reports for Singapore, India, Australia, Germany, Canada, the UK, France and the Netherlands, covering a range of key markets.

Each report includes a general overview of rising local job trends, and key areas of growth. 

LinkedIn Emerging Jobs report

It then lists the top ten emerging roles, based on LinkedIn insights, which are set to be in demand in 2020. Guess what number one might be:

LinkedIn Emerging Jobs report

The report also utilizes LinkedIn’s new skills genome methodology” in order to highlight the unique skills for emerging jobs, while also noting where candidates are most in-demand, and the top industries hiring for such.

LinkedIn Emerging Jobs Report

The added insights are part of LinkedIn’s ever-growing data capacity – with access to the largest dataset of professional and career insights in history, LinkedIn is in a unique position to showcase trend data like this in order to help hiring managers make better decisions, and to help job seekers better align their skills profiles to such trends.

In fact, this is likely only the first step – given the data it can access, LinkedIn’s system would already have the capacity to recommend ideal job role matches based on available candidates, by matching their skills, experiences and other profile insights against the required criteria. Research has actually shown that AI-enabled systems can make better hiring decisions than inherently biased humans based on these types of insights, and as such systems evolve, it’s not hard to imagine a time where LinkedIn’s dataset will prove to be a major winner in the HR and hiring stakes.

Its not there yet, but advanced data processes like the ones at play behind LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report again point to a future of machines making better hiring decisions.

Which is a little bit scary, the thought of putting your livelihood in the hands of robots. But also, when viewed on balance, probably logical.

LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report doesn’t go to that next step, but it does provide some interesting insights for job seekers and employers as we move into the next decade. 

You can read LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report for the US market here.

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